31 August 2012

You say Over Baked cookies~ I say round Granola Bars

Last week when I was baking cookies, I decided to turn the oven off and let them sit in there for a couple more minutes because they weren't quite done.  That would have worked out perfect if I hadn't forgot about them and went shopping for a hour.  When I got back from the store my house smelled so good.  Like someone was baking fresh cookies, OMG my cookies, I forgot about them.  I ran to the oven to see if I could save them.  They weren't burnt but they were brown and looked like they were as hard as a rock.  I got them off the cookie sheet and in to the refrigerator.  I wanted stop the cooking process and hopefully these cookies were be great for dunking into a glass of milk.    They were bad cookies but great granola bars, you know the hard bars...not soft and chewy.



  1. That is hysterical! You are truly the Master of your Disaster!

  2. Finally, my first message! I was so excited.
    I am so glad I am finally getting the recognition I deserve. hee hee

  3. These cookies look delicious! I wish I could make cookies that good!

  4. Rhonda is the best cook ever - sandy