25 August 2012

M.O.D. Crispy Chocolate Chip cookies and almost fell on the ground

Since I am the "Master of Disaster," .  I decided to start sharing some of my M.O.D. moments with you guys.   So, here is a picture of a cookie sheet with 1 cookie out of place.  Can you look at the picture and figure out what happened?  If you guessed that when I pressed the cookie onto the sheet the pan almost fell off the counter, that would be correct.
 Anyways, I was able to save the cookies to only over cook them.  I took them off the cookie sheet right away and rushed them into the refrigerator.  I needed to stop the cooking process.  It worked, they are crispy but this delicious.  Oh~ not to mention they don't look good at all.

1 comment:

  1. I know they were still good girl, everything you bake is good!