24 August 2012

Apple Boats


It was my turn to bring snacks for the boys on my sons soccer team and we could only bring fruit.  I felt really limited because I wanted the boys to be excited to get my snack but didn't think fruit would do the trick.   So, I went to my favorite website for help.  I couldn't believe it when I saw these Peanut Butter stuffed apples and Baked Meringue Apples on her Website.  I thought that was a brilliant idea.  I made a couple modifications or should I say Rhondifications and I had the best snacks for the boys.  I have an icecream scoop from Pampered Chef that was perfect for scooping out the perfect amount of apple and then I feel the apples with strawberries and raspberries.  Next time I will use grapes and blueberries.  I wrapped them indivually and passed them out to the boys.  Thank God I brought extras because even the parents wanted snacks that day.  Coach Neil went gaga over these Apples, he called them Apple Boats and name stuck.  So, next time you have Snack Duty, give these Apple Boats a try.

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