08 December 2012

Mint Chip Icecream Pie

1 box Brownie Mix
1- 1/2 gallon Mint Chip Icecream or your favorite flavor
8 oz of Hot Fudge
Reddi Whip
nuts optional
Cherry option
NOTE- Make sure you take
 the icecream out of the freezer
for a  few minute before you
are going to put it in the pan. 

It is easier to work with  soft.
 I usually use Oreo's cookies to
 make the crust but  I used Brownie
 mix today.  I loved the brownie
crust  but my husband didn't. 
I followed the recipe on the brownie
 package, then spray the bottom of a
 Spring foam pan with Pam. Pour a
thin layer of brownie batterer in the
pan and baked for about 15 minute.
Test it with a tooth pick. Put it in the
freezer for about 10 minutes so if cools off.    
Pour a thin layer of Hot fudge on top of the brownie crust. Put icecream in the pan to fill it have half
way.  Now you can put crumbled up brownie on top of the icecream.  Then put another layer of icecream on top of the crumbled brownies.  LEAVE enough room to cover with Hot Fudge.
Put it back in the freezer until you want to eat it.  I usually take it out of the freezer 10 minutes before I want to serve it.  Garnish with Reddi whip, nuts or sprinkles and top with a cherry.
I had brownie to crumble in the middle of the pie because I made a small pan with the left over batter. 


  1. Yummmy, yummmy, yummy.....How am I ever going to lose weight with all these wonderful desserts

  2. Wait until Christmas, I am making the BEST beverage...can't wait.