23 September 2012

Flop Flowers fall on top of the Pie

Master of Disaster

 The flowers fell on top of the Banana Cream Pie's

 I was taking the pictures and the back drop fell forcing the vase of flowers on my pie. 
Last night I had another M.O.D.  I don't have any pictures because my dogs licked away all proof.  I will just tell you what happened.  I was holding a pastry bag filled with pudding, while I was looking for the tip for my piping bag.  I kept re tracking all my steps.  And nothing, I just couldn't find the tip.  While I was circling the kitchen looking, I step into a pile of pudding.  Yes, while I was walking holding the bag, some of the pudding was seeping out of the bag.  I was so irritated at first and then it hit me~ this will be a funny picture for my M.O.D. section.  I ran to get my camera and when I got back my dog had licked up all the pudding.

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