16 September 2012

Master of Disaster~ Rice Pudding

After talking about rice pudding yesterday I had to make some today.  I tried Dave Lieberman's version with Arborio rice. 
I was pleasantly surprised when it turned out DELICIOUS. 
It just didn't sound that good to me, but all the reviews were excellent, so I decided to trust the people. 

  I put the oil I needed for my pasta in the rice pudding pan.  Do you see the big oil bubble?  I was lucky and got most of it out.



  1. Well glad I am not the only one out here that can't multi-task dessert and dinner.

  2. I am sure it all ended up tasting great.

  3. AutismUnited~ I am glad there are two of us. :)
    Julie is was really good. I need to stop making all this pudding.