24 November 2012

My First Cookie Exchange Party

I can't wait until December 9th, I am hosting my first Cookie Exchange.  I made these place cards to put in front of the plates of cookies.  I also decorated two canisters.  We will write  our favorite cookie on a piece of paper, fold the paper in half and put it in the canister.   I still have a lot to do but here is what I have so far.
Click here for the free printables.
I got the cute stickers from Walmart.

 Katie brought the best mulled cider and I make it all the time!!! recipe
Katie brought these delicious and festive looking Pizzelle's


  1. Rhonda, these are so cute.....going to be a big hit!!!!!

  2. I just love these!! That is going to be the best party ever!! have fun!

  3. Your canisters are really cute. I love cookie exchange parties and having everyone vote for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners is a neat idea. Enjoy your party.

  4. Thanks mom, Julie and Paula. I am really excited, hopefully I have a really cool table setting. I am going to try.