12 October 2012

Salt instead of Sugar

I am having the worse week for baking.  I think I need to take a week off.  Here is what happened today.  I posted my Bread Pudding recipe, I was so excited because I am so proud of this recipe.  I took the bread pudding out of the oven, let it cool off , cut a slice to see if it would keep its form.  Well, it did, I was so relieved.  Now for the taste test!!!!  YUCK, spit spit spit ~ Water, I need Water!  I knew right away what I did wrong.  I am just sick to my stomach.  That was going to be the best bread pudding and I had to throw all of it down the garbage disposal.  I thought I was so clever when I put the salt and sugar in these cute ceramic containers.  I put a salt packet in the salt so I would know that was the salt.  Well, I guess someone used the salt packet because as you can see there is NO PACKET.    Oh~ just so you know I went to fotoflexer to add the WORD "Salt and Sugar," to the containers. 

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