03 February 2016

Birthday gift wrap

I was posting the picture below and thought I need a side view photo.  So I started taking more pictures...then thought I should put my hand under the handle so you guys can see that I made a handle with the scrap gift wrap paper. 
The funny thing is I kept telling myself that the gift was
too heavy for the handle.  But I wouldn't listen to myself!
I was trying to take a picture of me holding the gift

by the handle and it broke.  Well, I am glad I always keep the extra scraps...I needed them after I broke the handle

  See, being Frugal can pay off sometimes.

It looks good as new but I will not be lifting it by the handle. 

The yellow arrows show where the paper ripped. 
Oh! I forgot to tell you how I make the handle. By the way... great for lighter gifts.  I fold the extra gift wrap paper so it is long and narrow.  I tape wire on the inside, so you can give shape or hold onto the handle.

I usually tuck the wire under the wrapping paper so you can't see it but I didn't do that this time so you could see it.

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