25 January 2016

Christmas Pinterest Projects 2015

The Santa Belly M&M holder is really cute. 

My Santa Belt Cookies for my cookie Exchange.  What I experienced while decorating these cookies is~ make sure all your food coloring is fresh before decorating cookies.  The night I was decorating I found out my black food coloring was all dried out.  I had to melt chocolate chips at the last minute for the belt.  It was a pain because I don't work well with chocolate.  To my surprise, I pulled it off.

Santa Belt Candy Bars.  Really cute and easy.  I couldn't give them away, too cute.

Snowball gifts 

Inspired by Kerryspapercrafts

Inspired by Keepingitsimplecraft
For step by step instructions click here.

Inspired by funholidaycrafts

Inspired by Tidymom

Inspired by Speckled Egg

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