08 December 2014

3rd Annual Cookie Exchange 2014

We had so many good cookies, bars and fudge this year.  I am so glad I decided to add bars and candy to the selection, especially since Saltine Toffee is my favorite.

Teresa's Saltine Toffee and Ione's gingerbread cookies.

I filled a piping bag with 1 cup creamy peanut butter.
Next, I piped it on one ritz cracker and put another ritz cracker on top.  Making a ritz cracker sandwich.  Meanwhile I melted chocolate chips in my mini crock pot.  When all the chocolate was melted I dipped as much of the ritz sandwich as possible.  Then I topped with a (crushed ritz cracker). There is usually a small corner where my finger was that doesn't have chocolate, I use a knife and just spread the chocolate on the missed spots. 

Christmas 2017

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