23 February 2016

Hollow out a raw egg

You are welcome everyone!  I found Lilyshop by Jessie Daye  a couple weeks ago and instantly saved it on my Fabulous Blogs section.  Jessie is a triple threat:  beautiful, funny and so talented.  I love all her creations and she explains everything so well.  
I was looking at her Easter section today and found this video.   Finally an amazing blog that shows you a realistic side.  So many times I go to blogs and get intimidated because everything looks so perfect.   Well this video shows you how to blow the inside of an egg outside.  That way you have an hollow egg.  I have done it before and it seems likes too much work.for.  I use to hollow out an egg just to smash it on my brother's head.  Now that I am older I might give it another try and put them in an Easter basket.  They do it the same way I do in this video and this video also shows you what to really expect when you hollow out a raw egg
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