05 February 2016

Gift Wrap Presentation

I was posting the picture below and thought I need a side view photo.  So I started taking more pictures...then thought I should put my hand under the handle so you guys can see that I made a handle with the scrap gift wrap paper. 
The funny thing is I kept telling myself that the gift was
too heavy for the handle.  But I wouldn't listen to myself!
I was trying to take a picture of me holding the gift
by the handle and it broke.  Well, I am glad I always keep the extra scraps...I needed them after I broke the handle
  See, being Frugal can pay off sometimes.

It looks good as new but I will not be lifting it by the handle. 

The yellow arrows show where the paper ripped. 
The pictures on the right side of this collage are what the gift
looked like after I fixed the handle.

Oh! I forgot to tell you how I make the handle. By the way... great for lighter gifts.  I fold the extra gift wrap paper so it is long and narrow.  I tape wire on the inside, so you can give shape or hold onto the handle.

I usually tuck the wire under the wrapping paper so you can't see it but I didn't do that this time so you could see it.
 photo ers_zpstuzcggzm.jpg

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