04 September 2012

Easy Pork Chops

 When I want a break from cooking, this is the dish I have my boys cook.  It's really easy and taste great. 
4 to 5  thick Pork Chops
1 small bottle of Barbecue Sauce
1 can or bottle of beer
1 to 2 yellow onions
Salt to season

1. Sprinkle Montreal Steak seasoning on both sides of the pork chops. 
2. Brown the pork chops and then take them out so you can saute the onions.
3. Put the the pork chops back in the pan and add 1 can or bottle of beer and a whole bottle of barbecue sauce. 
4. Put a lid on the pan and cook on medium for 1 to 1/ 1/2 hours. 
 The chops are done when they are tender.  You won't need a knife to cut.
I usually serve the Pork Chops with Baked Beans and Broccoli.


  1. This recipe sounds very good...all I need is the boys cooking it for me :)

  2. You can borrow my boys whenever. I think we will come to your house next week.